Course Title Level 3 Mathematical Studies (A Level)
Level: 3
Code MS056

Overview of the Course

Level 3 Mathematical Studies is one of the ‘Core Maths’ qualifications. This course maintains and develops real life mathematical skills. It is a course for those who want to keep up their valuable mathematics skills, but who are not planning on taking AS or A Level Mathematics. The skills developed in the study of mathematics are increasingly important in the workplace and in higher education and studying Mathematical Studies will help you maintain these essential skills. On average, students who study mathematics after GCSE improve their career choices and increase their learning prospects.

This course is aimed at students with grade 4 to 6, if you are expected to achieve a grade 7 or above then you should consider A Level Mathematics.

What are the career opportunities?

Level 3 Mathematics is an excellent qualification to have for a wide variety of higher education courses and careers. It will support you with the extra maths content in many linear A Level qualifications and is recommended to study alongside: Physics*, Computer Science*, Psychology, Geography, Business Studies, Economics, Biology and Chemistry. *It is strongly recommended you study AS Mathematics with these courses.

What are the entry requirements?

To study A Levels at Bury College you must obtain a minimum of six GCSE grades. These must include 4/5 in English Language and mathematics (minimum combined total of 9 points). Plus, a minimum of two additional GCSEs at grade 4 or higher. As well as a minimum of two additional GCSEs at grade 5 or higher. In addition to these entry requirements, you must have GCSE Maths grade 9-5 (A*-C). If you have a GCSE grade 4 Maths you may still be considered.

How long is the course and when can I start?

Level 3 Mathematical Studies is a one year course which starts in September.

How is the course structured and how will I be assessed?

Level 3 Mathematical Studies is a one year course, you will come out with a Level 3 Mathematical Studies qualification which is equivalent to an AS. The qualification is assessed by two final examinations at the end of the year. Two modules are studied; the first contains the compulsory topics: Analysis of Data, Mathematics for Personal Finance and Estimation. In the second exam you can choose from the following options: Statistical Techniques, Critical Path and Risk Analysis or Graphical Techniques.

What employability skills will I develop on this course?

Mathematical Studies is for students who wish to develop their practical maths skills for the real world, be it in work, study or everyday life. It has been designed in association with employers as a valuable qualification to support potential employees in a variety of careers. The course will help you to understand and apply clear mathematical reasoning to real-life problems, analyse and interpret data in various context and confidently deal with everyday financial maths. English and communication skills are developed as you are involved in discussions and must be able to explain your reasoning and assumptions in a structured and coherent manner to support your calculations.

Work experience

Work experience is an essential element of your Study Programme and you will be supported to secure a five day work experience placement. This will allow you to gain first hand exposure to the sector you wish to work in, start to develop key employability skills and most importantly confirm your career goals.

Study programme enrichment opportunities

Your Study Programme will support personal development to ensure you make good progress and acquire the skills required for successful progression to employment, an apprenticeship or higher education. Enrichment includes guest speakers, careers events and trips/visits. You will have the opportunity to take part in competitions such as the BEBRAS Challenge and the UKMT Individual and Team Challenges. You will also have the opportunity to take part in fundraising events and sport and fitness activities.

Are there any additional costs or requirements?

A graphical calculator with the ability to calculate statistical functions.

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