Course Title AS/A Level English Language
Level: 3
Code MS003

Overview of the Course

English Language at A Level is an introduction to the study of Linguistics. Working with a highly motivated team of subject specialists, you will study the structure, history and use of the English Language in a range of situations, using a wide variety of printed and spoken texts. You will develop your understanding of the social, cultural and personal factors that affect language use and will develop your analysis skills. You will have the opportunity to go on cultural visits related to the course and guest speakers and lecturers may also feature.

You will explore different ways to analyse language in use and develop an understanding of the relationship between language and society by looking at how communication relates to gender, ethnicity, nationality and identity. You will study an extensive range of texts, from websites to scripts and from postcards to speeches. You will also create your own writing and learn how to adapt it for different situations. In the second year, you will study the history of the English language and how it changes as well as how children learn language. In addition you will produce an investigation into a language topic of your choice.

What are the career opportunities?

English courses provide you with the skills that are recognised and valued by a wide range of universities and employers. A Level English Language can lead to a wide range of careers including journalism, speech therapy, social work, law, education and more.

What are the entry requirements?

To study A Levels at Bury College you must obtain a minimum of six GCSE grades. These must include 4/5 in English Language and mathematics (minimum combined total of 9 points). Plus, a minimum of two additional GCSEs at grade 4 or higher. As well as a minimum of two additional GCSEs at grade 5 or higher.

In addition to these entry requirements, you must have GCSE English at grade 9-5 (A*-C).

How long is the course and when can I start?

This course will start in September and you will study for two years to achieve the full A Level.

How is the course structured and how will I be assessed?

The AS is assessed by two summer exams, each worth 50%.

The full A Level is assessed by two exams worth 40% each and also a coursework project worth 20%.

What employability skills will I develop on this course?

The course will enable you to develop a range of communication skills, both written and verbal. You will also regularly work in groups in intensive tasks and longer term projects. Much of the course requires the ability to work with numerical data as a way of evidencing linguistic research and findings. Overall the English Language course offers you the opportunity to holistically develop your employability skills.

Work experience

All students on A Level Study Programmes will participate in a week’s work experience in each year of their course. This work experience will be tailored as far as possible to your career aims, or provide you with the opportunity to explore possible careers if you are unsure of your future goals.

Study programme enrichment opportunities

A range of enrichment activities are available in college and the A Level Study Programme team will provide you with opportunities to do activities that contribute to your wider growth and development and in many cases will support your academic studies by allowing you to explore things that are related to the subject areas that you are interested in.

We plan a variety of cultural visits related to the course. Guest speakers and lecturers may also feature.

Are there any additional costs or requirements?

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