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Bury College Free Coach Services

Exam Notice - Revised Free Coach Service Timetable
Monday 16th May until Wednesday 29th June 2016

Please note that the services on Wednesdays will also run to these times.

Please click this link to see the amended morning timetable.

Bury College Free Coach Services


Terms and Conditions

Places will be limited and you are advised to consider alternative public transport routes if the coach is full. A valid Bury College Student ID must be shown. All lost property found on the vehicle will be kept for a period of 30 days (perishables will not be kept longer than 24hrs) after which it will be disposed of or destroyed as seen fit (subject to PSV lost property regulations). A charge of £2 per item will be made for the return of all lost property.

All vehicles are NO SMOKING and ALCOHOL may not be carried or consumed. The driver reserves the right to remove or bar any passengers that are unruly or who may pose a danger to other passengers, staff or the safe operation of the vehicle and its equipment. Vehicles may be fitted with CCTV for safety and security reasons. Please note - some details of the routes and times may be liable to change should circumstances require such amendments.

PLEASE NOTE - Coaches will stop at any designated bus stop along all routes.

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