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Asked Questions

Q. I am on a benefit / low income. Can I get any financial help from the college towards my course costs?

A. There are a number of sources of financial support you may be eligible to apply for. See our financial support section for more details or contact Student Services directly for advice.

Q. I am an asylum seeker. Can I still study?

A. In most cases, yes, but immigration status can be complicated and there are different rules when it concerns study. You need to speak with an advisor to determine which courses are available.

Q. Will I have to pay fees for my course?

A. Courses are available to all applicants. Courses are subject to funding requirements from the Education Funding Agency / Skills Funding Agency and other funding organisations. The funding requirements are not determined by Bury College. If you are aged 16-18 on 31st August 2013 the tuition fee is paid by the EFA on behalf of the learner. The exam fee for the first sitting of each examination is free.

For adult learners, who are 19 years of age or older on 31st August 2012, the Skills Funding Agency may pay the tuition fee on your behalf. The fee depends on the type of course you are studying and also the qualifications you have already achieved and your personal circumstances. Please note fees may vary for non UK/EEA students. For fee enquiries please contact 0161 280 8339.

Q. Can I do a part-time course alongside my full-time course?

A. You would need to discuss this with your course tutor. In some cases it may be possible to incorporate this into your full time timetable. Your tutor will make the final decision whether this is feasible.

Q. I am not happy with my current course - who should I speak to?

A. You are recommended to see your tutor in the first instance. They will probably then refer you to see someone in Learner Services for some course advice and to have a chat about your options! You will then need to go back to your tutor to be tracked off the current course and onto the new programme provided there is space on the new programme. Be aware – there will become a point in the academic year where it is too late to change your course.

Q. I need to supply proof that I am a full / part-time student for the Council Tax / Benefits Agency. How can I do this?

A. If you call into Learner Services at Millennium you can request either a Full-Time Student Certificate or a student letter to show this information. Please allow 48hrs for this information to be produced.

Q. There are some things about the College that I think could be improved – who do I speak to?

A. The Student Learning Mentors can arrange for your comments to be passed onto either the Student Action Group for discussion or to an appropriate member of staff.

Q. Where can I get help with financial / housing / course / personal problems that crop up during the year?

A. Visit Student Services at Millennium Centre or one of the Student Learning Mentors David or Nasreen.


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