Course Title Workability
Level: EL
Code Y660

Overview of the Course

This is a course for those who have learning difficulties and/or disabilities who are considering employment. You will develop and acquire transferable skills required in the competitive world of work and take part in an internal or external work placement within your local community. Please note that because of national educational developments this course may be replaced by a similar programme of study.

What are the career opportunities?

Workability is part of our Employment Pathway and provides the opportunity to gain work experience in the Smart Shop, part of the course is the day-to-day running and management of the Smart Shop. Further progression can lead to further courses which focus on employment, including Workability, Pre-Internship and Supported Internship.

What are the entry requirements?

Entry is subject to interview and school/college reference, EHCP (if applicable) and initial assessments. You must be working at entry level. You should be interested in working and undertaking work experience placements. The curriculum is tailored around the student group and individual outcomes.

How long is the course and when can I start?

A full-time one-year course starting in September.

How is the course structured and how will I be assessed?

The curriculum is tailored around the student group and individual outcomes. You will focus on developing your work skills by running a small enterprise business and taking part in a work placement. You will have the opportunity to gain an AIM Entry Level Certificate in Exploring Careers. Students will also study English and maths and dependent on individual assessment results could gain a Functional Skills or Stepping Skills Qualification at an appropriate level. Possible units of study include: Handling money in a sales situation, Preparing for a work placement, Learning from a work placement, Using ICT systems, Effective communication in the workplace. Assessment is captured in a variety of ways including: Photographic evidence, Observation/witness statements, Some written work, Tutor statements.

What employability skills will I develop on this course?

You will gain specific and transferable employability skills whilst on the course, these may include working as part of a team, stock taking, customer services, using a till and handling money. You will also develop skills in solving problems, using computer software, understanding instructions, getting things done on time and making decisions.

Work experience

Work experience is an essential element of the course. You will be supported to manage the Smart Shop alongside completing a meaningful internal or external work experience placement, enabling you to gain the necessary and required employment skills sought after by employers alongside considering possible future career aspirations.

Study programme enrichment opportunities

You will have the opportunity to take part in drama, youth club and sport enrichment sessions. These sessions are optional.

Are there any additional costs or requirements?

There will be trips and visits to develop you both socially and academically. There will be additional costs for these.

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