Course Title Lead Adult Care Worker Level 3 Apprenticeship
Level: 3
Code M14-A

Overview of the Course

An apprenticeship in Adult Care is aimed at those who have a passion for caring and looking after people. Compassionate and friendly individuals, who have the ability to relate to people, will be ideal candidates for this apprenticeship and can make a difference to the quality of life to individuals in their care. The content of the course will cover the following areas: The personal attributes and behaviours expected of all Lead Adult Care Workers carrying out their roles include: Care – is caring consistently and enough about individuals to make a positive difference to their lives. Compassion – is delivering care and support with kindness, consideration, dignity and respect. Courage – is doing the right thing for people and speaking up if the individual they support is at risk. Communication – good communication is central to successful caring relationships and effective team working. Competence – is applying knowledge and skills to provide high quality care and support. Commitment – to improving the experience of people who need care and support ensuring it is person centred. An Adult Care Worker must know and understand: The job they have to do, their main tasks and responsibilities. The importance of having the right values and behaviours. The importance of communication. How to support individuals to remain safe from harm (Safeguarding). How to champion health and wellbeing for the individuals they support and work colleagues. How to work professionally, including their own professional development of those they support and work colleagues. Treat people with respect and dignity and honouring their human rights. Communicating clearly and responsibly. Support individuals to remain safe from harm (Safeguarding). Champion health and wellbeing for the individuals they support and for work colleagues. Working professionally and seeking to develop their own professional development. This course will involve 20% of your time to be dedicated to off the job training.

What are the entry requirements?

Adult Care Worker Level 2 Apprenticeship. Initial assessment and diagnostic testing on maths and English will take place prior to commencement of apprenticeship.


Higher qualification.

Course Duration

18-24 months.

Apprentice Benefits

  •  Earn while you learn
  •  Learning skills that employers want
  •  Excellent progression routes
  •  Increase career opportunities and earning potential
  •  Improve your confidence

Functional Skills

Functional Skills are a vital part of your apprenticeship. They provide the essential knowledge, skills and understanding needed to operate confidently, effectively and independently. Functional skills are available at Level 1 and Level 2 and the level you will work towards will depend on the previous qualifications you have achieved, the results of an assessment prior to your apprenticeship and the requirements of the apprenticeship you are completing. If you have not already achieved Level 2 English and maths you must study for and take the tests for Level 2 English and maths and achieve Level 1 English and maths for Level 2 Apprenticeship.


Your assessor will visit you on a regular basis and support you with developing your electronic portfolio which is used as evidence for your end point assessment. At these meetings observations, question and answer sessions and reviews will take place.

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