Course Title Human Performance: Effective Working
Code BS82

Overview of the Course

Effective working – tools to minimise errors

On average people make up to five mistakes per hour. Most mistakes may not have a direct

impact on us personally, however the most minor of mistake could have serious

consequences for your business and your safety. Human Performance is about us as

individuals and teams, and how we can reduce the frequency of errors whilst building in

better defence mechanisms.

HuP initiatives have their foundations in high risk areas such as the aviation and nuclear

industries, however the fundamentals can be applied to any workplace where safety or

business efficiency and effectiveness is paramount.

Target audience

The programme is applicable to all employees whether they are industry or office based.

Overview of the programme

Throughout the session you will study the following:

• Human Performance principles e.g. we are fallible, errors are predictable

• Defining active and latent errors and the A+B = C model

• Human factors – Organisational, Environmental, Job and Human/Individual factors

and the error traps

• Our attention on a task – Skills, Rules and Knowledge based differences

• Anatomy of an event – case study to break down an event in order to understand

where errors and defences are having an impact

• Key Human Performance tools a selection will be used depending on group:

1. Pre-job brief

2. STAR – Stop, Think, Act, Review

3. Peer checking and verification

4. Questioning attitude

5. Observation and coaching

6. Clear Communication

7. Learn from experience

• Case study examples to assess which Human Performance tools can help

• Setting out an Improvement Plan


By the end of the session attendees will be able to:

• Outline the basic principles of Human Performance

• Describe the difference between active and latent errors, lapses, mistakes and slips

• Identify those work factors that can directly affect us and outline how these can be


• Highlight the ways in which we can all reduce errors and decrease frequency of


• Pick out the most appropriate



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