Course Title BTEC Level 3 Certificate/Extended Certificate in Music Composing (A Level)
Level: 3
Code MS068

Overview of the Course

Depending on your career aspirations and qualifications you will either complete a one year certificate (equivalent to an AS Level) or a two year Subsidiary Diploma (equivalent to a full A Level). We can discuss this with you at your interview. These courses are an exciting exploration of the vocational study of music industry subjects. You will have the opportunity to work individually and as part of a team within a music environment. You will also learn to develop a professional approach to all aspects of the music industry. You will also go on trips and attend workshops from current professionals. Applicants will complete an audition on their chosen instrument, selecting a piece of their choice (roughly grade 4 standard) of no more than 2 minutes in length. If your intention is to follow the technology pathway, performance is optional. However, you should bring in examples of recorded/sequenced work if you have any and be prepared to justify your reasons for choosing the course.

What are the career opportunities?

Career opportunities inlcude the following working in the following areas: Publishing and management, Recording studios, Live venues, Radio stations, Broadcasting, Studio engineer / Live sound engineer, Radio studio producer, Composer, Producer.

What are the entry requirements?

To study three AS Levels or two AS Levels and one Applied Qualification then the entry requirements are six GCSEs at or above grade C/4 including three subjects or more at or above grade C/5. You will also be required to complete a successful written test and audition.

Should you wish to study four AS Levels the entry requirements are six GCSEs at or above grade C/4 including two subjects or more at or above grade C/5 and two subjects or more at or above B/6.

In addition to the above a minimum of 9 grade points are required from maths and English combined.

How long is the course and when can I start?

The course starts in September and lasts for one or two years. One year is a Level 3 Certificate worth 30 credits. Two years is a Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma worth 60 credits.

How is the course structured and how will I be assessed?

You are assessed continuously through assignments and projects. There will also be a written exam for one of the units.

What employability skills will I develop on this course?

You will gain a range of employabilty skills in different areas. Specialist sector skills: Musical composition and arranging, Studio recording and post-production, Music Performance, Creating sound for moving image. English/literacy related skills: Topic research, Assignment and essay writing, Speaking and listening/ communication, Class presentation. Maths/numeracy related skills: Time Signatures, Counting bars of music, Studying and rhythmic compositions, Budgeting for performance and studio recording.

Work experience

Work experience includes public performances and live sound engineering as well as studio recording projects.

Study programme enrichment opportunities

A range of enrichment activities are available in college and the A Level Study Programme team will provide you with opportunities to do activities that contribute to your wider growth and development and in many cases will support your academic studies by allowing you to explore things that are related to the subject areas that you are interested in. Enrichment opportunities include master classes from range of industry professionals, out of college performance and recording and Future Music trips.

Are there any additional costs or requirements?

There may be additional costs for musical instruments, a USB for backing up your work and headphones.

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