Course Title AS/A Level Art, Craft and Design
Level: 3
Code MS055

Overview of the Course

In AS Level and A Level Art, Craft and Design you will work in the area of 2D Fine Art plus at least one of the following areas: Textile Design, Graphic Communication, or Photography. You may explore overlapping areas and combinations of areas in order to develop your art and design skills to an advanced level. As part of your studies, you will explore a range of creative skills leading to further development in your best area. You will be encouraged to work in a variety of different media as stated in the individual subject areas. You will also have the opportunity to visit galleries.

What are the career opportunities?

Successful completion of this subject can lead to a Foundation course in Art and Design or a degree level course. On completion of an appropriate Art Degree you could pursue a career in the following areas: Fine Art, Advertising, Graphic Design, Fashion, Film Design, Art History, Art Illustration, Art Therapy, Community Artist or Teaching.

What are the entry requirements?

To study three AS Levels or two AS Levels and one Applied Qualification then the entry requirements are six GCSEs at or above grade C/4. These will include a grade C/5  in Art or a Design subject or a portfolio of your own work for discretionary approval and English at grade C/5 plus one other subject. A minimum of 9 grade points are required from maths and English combined.

Should you wish to study four AS Levels the entry requirements are six GCSEs at or above grade C/4 including two subjects or more at or above grade C/5 and two subjects or more at or above B/6.

Students who have not previously had the opportunity to study an Art and Design subject can be assessed for entry at the interview stage through the presentation of examples of their own artwork for negotiation, which must include evidence of the ability to draw from direct observation.

How long is the course and when can I start?

The A Level Study Programme is for usually two years and starts in September of each year.

How is the course structured and how will I be assessed?

You will complete two coursework components in each year. ‘Component 1’ runs from September to January and is worth 60% of your final mark. ‘Component 2’ runs from February to May and is worth 40% of your final mark. The components are very practical in nature and are wholly coursework based, although for Component 2, you will complete your final visual developments and outcomes under exam conditions for 10 hours (AS Level – Year 1) and 15 hours (A Level – Year 2). Coursework is assessed by staff at regular intervals throughout the year and the final submissions are externally moderated by the exam board.

What employability skills will I develop on this course?

You will develop a range of transferable skills including IT skills, communication and numeracy. Technical skills will be developed through your coursework, alongside research skills and the ability to evaluate and discuss your work. Wider skills such as time-management, independent study, organisation and working to deadlines are an integral part of the course.

Work experience

Work experience is an essential element of your Study Programme and you will be supported to secure a five day work experience placement. This will allow you to gain first hand exposure to the sector you wish to work in, start to develop key employability skills and most importantly confirm your career goals.

Study programme enrichment opportunities

Your Study Programme will support personal development to ensure you make good progress and acquire the skills required for successful progression to employment, an apprenticeship or higher education. When appropriate, guest speakers are invited and trips to Art galleries are organised. Local photography trips are also organised for gathering images for your projects. Higher Education conventions are also recommended for you to attend.

Are there any additional costs or requirements?

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